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Unsettled - poems by Jodi Barnes

Unsettled has been chosen as the 2010 Oscar Arnold Young Book Award Runner-up.

Unsettled - poems by Jodi Barnes

Recommending Author's Comment

In her first poetry collection, Jodi Barnes takes the reader on what seems like a bittersweet series of moves and wanderings, as she both examines and muses on the mundane and the spiritual... the ordinary and the extraordinary... reality and myth.

With the observation and bite of Anne Sexton and Sharon Olds, and the wit and softness of Kay Ryan and Mary Oliver, Jodi Barnes evokes the pain and joy of transition, the familiar clutter of the uprooted, and the restlessness most of us feel when we're packing and unpacking in our search for meaning through the impermanence of life, while moving from one place to another.

She declares, "I don't believe in God," yet "Thank(s) whatever god you, my goddess will, " while affirming, "My core seeks root in clay."

Read this collection and find yourself engaged with this poet, seeking where you, yourself should be rooted.

Jonathan K. Rice
Publisher/Editor Iodine Poetry Journal,
author of UKULELE and other poems